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Never ending TikTok ideas

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Master your hooks

Tik Tok Stats

1 billion active users

With an audience half the size of Instagram, it is the PERFECT time to become a creator on the TikTok. A major social media platform in its infancy rewards it’s early adopters, and offers a time-sensitive opportunity for major growth in short amount of time

52 minutes per day

The average user spends 52 minutes per day on TikTok.

Tik Tok users by age


10 - 19 year olds


20 - 29 year olds


30 - 39 year olds


40 - 49 year olds


50+ year olds

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By the time you see a trend on the for you page it has been shown to millions of people. To take advantage of new trends you have to act fast.

Real time alerts

TRNDR sends daily alerts as new trends are uploaded.

Helpful examples

Struggling to be creative? TRNDR helps you figure out EXACTLY what to post for your niche by providing examples and notes for every sound.


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Our 3-day 100% money back gurantee.

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